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Today, dating Russian girls is fashionable, they are everywhere. In 2018 the football world cup was held in Russia. The most beautiful actresses and models come from eastern countries; Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. In summer, the Russians come to spend the summer in Southern Europe and stroll through the cities and coast of the country. We have all heard about the exotic beauty of Eastern European girls, or we have seen it with our own eyes. And it is the truth. In addition to this they are educated; almost all speak English and a third language.

Russian women love the sun, the beach, they want to leave their cold country and escape from their gray cities.
They travel a lot, warm countries are their favorite destinations.

Women from Russian are often well-educated, they can have 1 or 2 university degrees, they are educated, they like the classic and at the same time the modern.

On the other hand, they preserve principles that increasingly distinguish them from Western women.

Many men have decided to search among Russians and date Russian women, tired of looking around and tired of the attitude of women in their city or country.

In short, if you want a worthy and faithful woman for a serious love relationship, and at the same time a feminine and elegant wife who knows how to love and knows what she wants, you should look for Russian women.

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Why are Russian women looking for a man outside their country?

There are many myths about this phenomenon. There is part of truth and part exaggerated. There are hundreds of pages about alleged Russian single girls who apparently decide to look for a partner outside of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus... Why is that? When a Russian girl decides to put her profile on an international website to find a partner or in a Russian marriage agency to look for a foreign man she knows very well what she wants. It may be due to several reasons; she probably ended up disappointed with the men in her city, maybe she separated and divorced, or maybe she got tired of the socio-economic situation in her country and wants a better life and a better future. On the other hand, it is a fact that in recent years the number of mixed couples, of marriages between girls from the East and Spanish men or from other Hispanic countries has increased. >

Reasons why Russian women decide to search outside of Russia:

More women than men

Statistically in Russia there are more women than men, 53% women and 47% men according to data from the World Bank.
In figures that means there are 10 million more women. With a population of more than 200 million between Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. we can imagine that there are millions of Slavic women untouched.
And if we add that percentage of Russian single women who are looking for a partner abroad, that also translates to thousands of girls looking for a man beyond their borders. The girls targeted in marriage agencies are a tiny part of that percentage. You have to keep in mind that the death rate among them is owing to the bad life.

The weather

As it is already known, in Russia the winters are long and cold. The Russians spend their time indoors at home for 7-8 months. The summer lasts only 2 and they are waiting for it almost all year. The Russians are looking for heat, they are fed up with the cold. That is why they love the sun, the beach and that is why they travel to more temperate countries such as Spain, Greece, Turkey, South-East Asia, including the countries of Central and South America, Mexico and Brazil. 

Political and economic situation

The economic situation in Russia has improved considerably in recent years, although this is only applicable to large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. 90% of the wealth is shared between these 2 cities, the rest of Russia is more or less half poor. Ukraine is even more impoverished. In these countries there are always conflicts, there is a lot of political corruption and they are economically unstable. That is why many women see the way out of this situation to leave their country and look for a husband outside.

In general, these are the main reasons why a Russian woman can date with a foreign man, although it can also be considered that each of them is a world and all have their personal reasons. Another very different thing, is what some Russian websites and matrimonial agencies say, when they say that eastern girls are desperate to leave their countries urgently. The "phenomenon of Russian brides" has been greatly exaggerated in recent years.

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